Financial Lessons Learned at Finance Park


The mock city offers reality-based financial skill building and hands-on experience Oct. 12 to Dec. 16

LAS VEGAS (Fall 2016-2017) – Capital One Financial Corporation and Junior Achievement of Southern Nevada are giving more than 4,000 Clark County students an income, mortgage, family and cable bill at its mock city, Capital One/Junior Achievement Finance Park. Capital One/Junior Achievement Finance Park will provide financial curriculum and reality-based financial scenarios to 8th through 12th grade students from Oct. 12 to Dec. 16 at the Las Vegas Library.

The one experiential learning experience is state-of-the-art. The interactive program will be experienced by 75 – 100 students daily, from 16 Clark County Schools and will be operated by about 300 volunteers. Students will learn financial lessons applicable to everyday life including personal financial management, career exploration by classroom instruction and active participation in a small-size simulated city.

The message supplied through Capital One and Junior Achievement of Southern Nevada’s efforts stresses the value of managing finances within a balanced budget and will set a foundation for future fiscal responsibility. These financial lessons will influence students to seek a prolonged education while increasing graduation rates.

“Capital One/Junior Achievement Finance Park is an educational experience greatly needed in Nevada,” said Michelle Jackson, president of Junior Achievement of Southern Nevada. “With Nevada’s educational rank, it is important that younger generations of students learn the financial realities of life. Students will leave Capital One/Junior Achievement Finance Park with a better handle on money management and the practicalities of life, including the steps it takes to obtain a certain level of financial security, one being, prolonged education.”

Since the 2013 Las Vegas-area debut of Capital One/Junior Achievement Finance Park, the duration of the program and the quantity of student participants has nearly doubled from the initial 16-day/1,899 student program. In addition to outreach increase, students will now experience much of Capital One/Junior Achievement Finance Park through an interactive simulation via computer tablet.

The module is designed as an integrated 13-lesson program that involves classroom curriculum culminating in an all-day intensive exercise at Capital One/Junior Achievement Finance Park. At Capital One/Junior Achievement Finance Park, students will apply the academic principles learned to a real-life situation equipped with a job, monthly income, family size, housing cost, grocery bill, allowance for leisurely spending and many more practical restrictions.

Across the country since 2006, more than 130,000 students have participated in the program, assisted by more than 12,000 Capital One associate volunteers.

Junior Achievement of Southern Nevada, Inc. was gifted the mobile unit in early 2017 through the generosity of Capital One.  The organization hopes to be able to build a permanent facility in the future for the program to be open year round.

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