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2017 Summer Updates

By August 17, 2017In Classroom

Before summer 2017 officially ends and school gets back into full swing, JA of Southern Nevada wants to recognize the hard work our volunteers accomplished during this short summer.

We had two summer programs this year where we educated over 70 students with the help of 18 volunteers.

Our first summer program was a partnership between JA of Southern Nevada and three Nevada HAND properties where our volunteers taught students from Kindergarten to 8th Grade over the course of three weeks.

Our second summer program had volunteers from Barclaycard teaching It’s My Business to middle school students at John C. Kish Boys and Girls Club where the top three teams will go on to compete in a Shark Tank style competition against students from B. Mahlon Brown Academy of International Studies.

These students worked in teams to come up with innovative products within five different categories: Technology, Animals, Food & Drink, Apps, and Clothing. Bringing these ideas to life required the students to make a prototype and to come up with a pitch to sell their product to investors. During the final lessons, all the teams presented their pitch to a panel of Barclaycard volunteers. The First place team created an innovative product in clothing, Second place created their product with technology in mind, and the Third place team created a product for animals.

IMG_0959 IMG_0956 IMG_0954
First Place – Clothing                   Second Place – Technology                Third Place – Animals

Thank You (1)

We would also like to recognize all the volunteers who helped us this summer inputting data and helping us rebuild kits.

These volunteers have helped us rebuild over 30+ kits!

We will have regularly scheduled kit building days for the 2017-2018 school year, this schedule will be released once the school year gets into full swing.